#74 – Suicide LXXIV – Toxicity

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(74) Suicide LXXIV – Toxicity that ran on KKFI 90.1 in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday March 1st 2009.

To make Suicide LXXIV – Toxicity – 31 min 31 sec

You will need:

1 cup Hot Fuzz the Movie,
3 cups Alex Jones (infowars.com),
3 tablespoons Taalam Acey’s (taalamacey.com) Karma with K;
1 teaspoon System of a Down ‘s Toxicity;
a dash of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn,
1 gallon of Micheal Rivero (WhatReallyHappened.com),
2 liters Bankers Manifesto read by Dave VonKleist (thepowerhour.com) ;
4 mins of Immortal Technique’s I’m the Illest ;
a bushel of FreeMindsRadio.com;
a cord of Bob Chapman (theinternationalforecaster.com);
And a pinch of Brack.

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