#112 – Suicide CXII – Holla’Daze

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Recipe for holiday cheer.

– One part YouTube Clip about Atheists not getting Christmas presents
– Two parts Katt Williams
– One part Taalam Acey – “Yearning”
– As many parts as you can stand of Pastor David Meyer and
– One part Josh, from The Power Hour radio broadcast
– A dash of Jordan Maxwell
– A pinch of George Carlin
– Sprinkle in a dash of “Zeitgeist” the Movie
– Several slices of The ‘Festivus’ episode of Seinfeld
– Mix in a little Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Christmas Caroling chipmunk style
– For some bitters, add a little Barry Bareback Hussein The
Long-Legged Mack-Daddy Obama Soetoro
– One pat of “This Little Light of Mine” from “Black Snake Moan”
– Liberally pour in some Bill Hicks comedy
– Top it off with Dr. Glenn Kimball
– Mixed with “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley
– Don’t forget to add in Paragon Radio’s own Ben Johnson

Boil all ingredients in a .wav editor on high for an entire Sunday.
Serve and enjoy!

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