#114 – Suicide CXIV – Exploding UnderWear

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Search terms to help you, if you get lost in #114

– Snoop Dogg
– Taalam Acey ‘Slave Trade’
– ‘Decade in Review’ CBC
– Wolfmother ‘Joker & The Thief’
– Timothy Leary
– ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Russia Today
– The Belle Stars ‘Iko Iko’
– Joe Lieberman
– Tom Ridge
– Chris Matthews
– Michael Chertoff
– Webster Tarpley
– Tool ‘Pot’
– Ron Paul vs. Ben Stein
– Larry King
– Cynthia McKinney
– Kanye West ‘Can’t tell me nothing’
– Mike Adams the Health Ranger ‘I Want My Bailout Money’
– Paragon Radio’s own Ben Johnson
– MOX News version of an Obama Cabinet Meeting

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