#116 – Suicide CXVI – Ordo Ab Chao

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Q: How can this New-World-Order Double-Headed Chicken cross the road?!?!?!?

A: A few possible solutions

-A- Go to William Cooper
Wanna Be On The Radio?
-B- Turn Left at Ring Announcer Michael Buffer
-C- 50 paces past Snoop Dogg
-D- Memorize the Spoken Word of Taalam Acey – Tree
Spoken Word
-E- Take a right near the first Ali-G
Boo-Ya-Ka-Sha, Wa-Gwan?
-F- Reach for a Youtube, and call out “Is The Terrorism Threat Exaggerated?”
-G- All the while, meditate on Metallica’s song “Blackened”
Rock On
-H- Consider this – Is war an Answer to America’s Economic Problems?
-I- 50 cyber-miles to Terrence McKenna crosswalk
Squee-gee Your 3rd Eye
-J- Take your immediate left by Korn’s cover of Ice Cube’s – Wicked
KoRn Rules
-K- Ask Ron Paul – “Is War Ever Justifiable”
-L- Ask ‘Eco-Friendly War’
-M- Continue on past the FBI’s Civil Liberties Slip
Keep Me Safe Please
-N- Don’t forget your ‘Weeds’
Toke Here
-O- Take “Dude, Where’s my Car?”
-P- Bill Hicks Avenue?
The Great One
-Q- Anyone seen Congressman Jack Brooks’ Q to Ollie North?
Can’t You Keep A Secret Jack?
-R- Never forget George W. Bush
-S- Make sure you bring a bag of Ben Johnson’s Paragon Radio
-T- Cross over the Ultimate bridge to nowhere – JoeJoe Biden
-U- You have reached your destination – MLK’s Anti-War Speech
Learn This
-V- Ponder Steven Quayle
Suicide CXVI ran on KKFI 90.1 FM on Monday January 18, 2010.

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