#117 – Suicide CXVII – Wicked

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Pride is welling up in my eyes right now . . .

Looks like a Terrorism to me.


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Bibliography Time! World record posting this week! All audios and the bibliography before Tuesday afternoon! Here are all of the links to the clips found in Suicide #117 – Wicked

Birthday Wish From Some Lady Named Marilyn?
A Question About The Word ‘Suicide’
D – O – Double – G
Taalam’s Spoken Word
Wicked – er
Shot 4 Rice
Don’t Be Late To School
Stay Out of This Jail
Open Mouth, Insert Foot
Comfort Eagle
Seriously, Neil?
Who’s The Man?
UN Clown
Who’s The Man Pt. II?
Who’s The Man Pt. III?
Who’s The Man Pt. IV?
Crossing The Rubicon

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