#127 – Suicide CXXVII – Jam Session

Hold on tight, this may or may not tip over!
Happy Ishtar!

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Before the new Marines arrive . . .

After the new Marines arrive ? ? ?

Links for you to take on-board so you don’t capsize:

Taalam Acey
Congress Critter Hank Johnson
AJ on HJ
Jam Session
Held Indefinitely???
9-11 is a BIG LIE
Shill O’Lie-ly
They Came, They Saw, They Shot Her – DEAD!
Bachman on Pelosi
Gangster Government
J-Stewey Blasts CNN!
CNN Interviews Alex Jones – They Don’t air it, so he does!
Militias (aka FBI Jr.)
Georg Carlin
PolyGraph Radio
Nobody Is Smarter Than You Are
Bill Hicks

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