Thought for the day . . .

This pertains to your own specific pay-period – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. :

Imagine if ‘they’ took all of the sales tax out of your check? Imagine if ‘they’ took all of your property tax out of your check? Imagine if ‘they’ took all of the license/renewal/inspection/taxes out of your check? Imagine if ‘they’ took all the sin/alcohol/tobacco taxes out of your check? Imagine if ‘they’ took all of the gas tax out of your check? Look at your phone/electric/gas bills, and imagine all of those taxes taken directly out of your check?

All of that mentioned, isn’t taken out of your check, because this is a ‘FREE’ country, and you don’t HAVE TO pay the taxes, for which you don’t want to participate. The FACT that the Federal ‘Income’ taxes and SS taxes ARE taken out, should give you a clue as to their legitimacy.

In jolly ole’ England, the King/Queen own EVERYTHING! It is all private property, and belongs to Sir Highness. You need/ed permission, and to pay for EVERYTHING, because he owned it. Our forefathers wanted to re-PUBLIC this land. It’s a FREE country! PUBLIC and you can pay if you want to play.

Ride a horse, grow your own food, grow your own tobacco, brew your own beer, use pay phones, get a wood stove and solar panels, build your own house – are they going to jail you for evading property tax? Riding that horse/bike/scooter to avoid your gas tax, boy? You some kind of license plate tax evader? You make your own energy to heat your home? Are you anti-government or something? Stay home for a whole day and relax, don’t go anywhere/do anything. You nervous ‘they’ will ‘get you’ for sales tax evasion?

Think of how ridiculous we’ve become. Think of how tyrannical ‘THEY’VE’ become.

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