Things are getting nutty. It’s almost like ‘they’ are trying to provoke us into an armed and violent revolution of some kind. Things have got to change. Protests are sweet, but let’s face it, COMPLETELY ineffective. The paradigm ‘they’ have set up: you politically agree and join ‘them’, or you spend your energy rebelling against the system.

Joining or fighting, either choice gives ‘them’ your time and energy. What if we didn’t play the game? In massively large numbers. Storming DC will only get the mob incinerated before it could get close to the criminals. MASSIVE non-participation is the only way I see this playing out to ‘our’ benefit. We can hope for a USSR-style crumbling, but I’m not entirely sure the Russians are any better off, before or after, ‘The Wall’ thing. We need these Megaliths to evaporate, not change their clothing.

Anyway, I’m close to rambling. The point is, ‘they’ are throwing so much at us, we are always reacting to ‘them’. We need to reverse that. We need to be on the non-violent political offensive. My IRS plan for example – (Click Here For That). We need to take our power back. How about these ideas, too? – (would we need a $$ bomb or a sponsor?) –

– Those Illegal Border Check Points that aren’t on the border – we need to organize a team of at least 500 motorist ( in shifts, or one parade ) to drive through these and all refuse a search. Do it over and over and over, until ‘they’ stop.

– We need to find the cheapest International Flights, get a ‘Truth Squad’ to book every single seat, and everyone refuses the body scanner.

– we need ALL We Are Change chapters to have a coordinated ‘Ask Your Rep About 9-11 On Camera Day’.

– If your city has and refuses to get rid of red light cameras, a ‘Spotlight Day’ where hundreds of volunteers shine spotlights IN them! Peaceful, non-violent, and effective?

– Banner hangs with ‘Truth Statements’ that are undebunkable – ‘Google Building 7’, ‘No one has ever gone to jail for sales-tax evasion’, ‘The Federal Reserve is not Federal and they have no reserves’ – things like that. Don’t plug individual people or websites/documentaries. Spur the quasi-awake into ACTIVELY finding out this info.

– Last but not least. September 11, 2001. This event is a secondary root-event ( The Federal Reserve is a primary root-event ) to the bulk of our current problems. We have been on the defensive for so long, we let it be. We need to spread this info even farther and wider. The full true story may never come out, but there is enough info that is undeniable PROOF, that we need to get the perps in front of a jury, and watch them flip on the ‘higher-ups’. Blow this thing wide open. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Paragon / Redux mini-vacation is near it’s conclusion. Regular scheduling will soon be with us. Until then – #100 Suicide C – September 11, 2001 – Before the Spin Set In. Check out any or all of the witness testimony and reporting on that day – forget conspiracy or theory, go back and LISTEN. The Truth has been out the whole time. Our mental discomfort comes in, when ‘they’ try to bury and twist what we all saw and heard.

#100 – Suicide C – September 11, 2001 – Before the Spin Set In

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