Serious Question?

Serious question: How long did the Colonists’ argue with, gripe about, protest against, write letters to, sue in court, the King, before they said forget it ; we’ll start our own game?

Is it time to stop wasting energy and effort, with this Government, and start a new one?

Anyone notice the loop holes in ‘The Constitution’, yet?

Can’t we keep ‘The Bill of Rights’ and ‘The Magna-Carta’, and draft a new ‘Constitution’ that closes loop holes, and CLEARLY DEFINES THE LIMITS OF ‘CONGRESS’, ‘The Prez’, and ‘The Judgers’?

The Judges, Congress Critters, and The President are beyond corrupt, and we think we can convince them to play fair?

I feel we need to redirect our efforts in to building something new.

We are at this fork in the road, do we choose self-sacrifice, or human sacrifice?

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