#147 – Suicide CXLVII – I Have A Dream, Too — PLUS Some Exciting News . . . .

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There is an AWESOME new broadcast on an up-and-coming Network, you may be interested in. The Anti-Matter Radio Zone Network is PROUDLY hosting ‘The Next Step Radio Show’, hosted by – Yours Truly !!!

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The Truth Movement has done an incredible job, Awakening the Giant to the Matrix constructed around us. Something seems lacking, though.

What is The Next Step?

REAL solutions, that REAL people, can REALLY implement, in their own lives. Protesting and voting them all out, is a bit too distant and abstract for the masses. The Federal Reserve will never be audited by the Congress that is funded by said system. War mongers will not be peaceful because of opinion polls. Calling Congress Critters will never outweigh huge bribes and horrendous blackmail.

To Change The World,
You Have To Start
By Changing

Check out the Anti-Matter Radio Zone Network, my BRAND NEW BROADCAST is there – ‘The Next Step Radio Show’.

Thank You All for your participation and interest. thenextstepradioshow@charter.net is a good way to correspond, and give feedback, if you so choose.

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