Episode 022 – The Next Step Radio Show – Interview of Ty Bollinger Author of “Cancer: Step Outside The Box”

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“My book is divided up into 4 major parts”

Part I “Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Profits, & the Big 3.”
This section of the book explores the intricate and reprehensible politics of cancer, the Cancer Industry, and the horrible failure of the “Big 3” conventional cancer treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation).

Part II “Biology Basics, Cancer Facts, Non-Toxic Treatments, and Cleansing.”
This section explains the biology behind cancer, the causes for cancer (including breast cancer and details the most potent treatments for advanced cancer (Stage III and Stage IV), and the vitally important and often overlooked topics of colon, liver, & kidney cleansing (detox).

Part III “Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, and Exercise.”
This section is devoted to the most important topic for a cancer patient – DIET! What to eat, what not to eat, essential supplements, & basic exercise.

Part IV “Facts, Fictions, & Frauds.”
This section is an expose on several modern-day myths, including the abominable aspartame cover-up, mercury madness, fluoride fraud, root canal dangers, the truth about soybeans, the venom of vaccinations, and the cold hard truth about Codex Alimentarius.

There is also 40+ bonus pages of information and interviews in the Appendix.

“The book is chock full of PRACTICAL information!”

And this information is not just “theoretical” to me, I KNOW that these cancer treatments work. Back a couple of years ago, I had a couple of cancerous places on my face: one spot on my nose and the other on my left temple. But I knew exactly what to do. Instead of getting surgery, I used a natural, inexpensive remedy (Cansema) that I recommend in my book Cancer – Step Outside the Box.

Encourage this kind of behavior — Buy This Book before a Diagnosis of Cancer, keep yourself well, or if you know someone that has gotten the “C”-diagnosis, Buy The Book for them.

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