Episode 024 – The Next Step Radio Show – Part II Of ‘The No State Project’ Live Recording of Paranoid’s Court Hearing

In Episode 024 of The Next Step Radio Show, I am going to play a real life implementation of The No State Project concept. This is our Second broadcast, in a series, as the topic is big, and involves additional research to be done by YOU. NOTHING about this Broadcast is to be construed as legal, medical, mental, financial, marital, or gambling advise. The whole point is to get you thinking, self-educating, and acting responsibly.

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Additional links, references, paths, and friendly suggestions:

Portions of Episode 024 are replayed with permission from Ghosts of the Republic Radio’s Broadcast from November 14, 2010.

Paranoid’s Radio Show – Ghosts of the Republic, find him on SpaceBook or MyFace, or Buy an Album.

Marc Stevens website (The No State Project), and Tactikalguy1’s YouTube Channel, are two more links that should get you well on your way. Do some research, hang tight, we’ll do additional Episodes in the very near future . . . .

Have you ever made a judge backpedal . . . .

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