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The name change came about with a slight shift in focus. Once one “wake’s up”, the natural urge is to wake everyone else up around you. Sometimes that approach works, usually not. To truly be free, you have to let other people be free; even if that means letting them sleep through, quite possibly, the most Wondrous time to be Alive and Awake on Planet Earth, Sophia, Terra – however you wish to perceive Her. Telos means aim, direction, or focus. The aim of this endeavor, as the new name suggests, is to find the others whom are already awake. Participate in Freedom with like-minded Seekers of the Truth.

The Truth, I’ve come to learn, isn’t a ‘destination’ to be reached, but the Journey itself. So if you’d like, you are welcome to join us in this Magnificent Quest to – – Go Find The Others !

The vast majority of the old site has been uploaded, embedded, and html’d here. No third-party sites for the audio archives, we will be hosting them ourselves – FINALLY ! ! ! They aren’t all up yet, but comeback early and often to see what we’ve added. Feel free to comment on any posting, contact us, add suggestions, pointers, new ideas, or any other relevant piece of info you’d like to share with us (or like us to share with The Others). More original articles will be written, more promotion of my plan to dismantle the IRS, and a whole section devoted to miscellaneous whatever’s. The Next Step Radio Show posts when the guest and host get it done. Usually once a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience, interest, and feedback.


Look, we all know that there is an Information War. We are all being assaulted by high-tech Prop-o-genda in all directions.

What’s real? What’s fake? Who’s who?

Let’s put them all together, side-by-side-end-to-end. Take a ‘listen-see’.

What ‘sounds’ right to you? What emits a positive frequency to you? Who provides a platform for others to share their IDEAS?

Sometimes a lie glitzed up in pretty packaging, delivered by an attractive person, and repeated over & over & over & over & over & – you get the idea – becomes palatable. Those are hard to ignore/refute on the spot. Listen to words of inspiration and uplift, on either side of said lie, and the situation becomes a bit more clear.

Do you like to jog, ride a bike, or take long walks? Do you commute long distances by train, car, bus, or plane? Do you sit on the porch and watch the birds? Have you smashed your TV? Ever do any of that, while listening to an mp3?

I’ve got what you need. Check out a Suicide (an audio-documentary that is a mix of many flavors i.e. a suicide fountain drink, suicide Mr. Misty, or a suicide sno-cone). Try to listen to the whole track at once, if you can, and enjoy. Feel free to spread the info!

Or catch some local Kansas City ‘Truth-Radio. Tune into Paragon Radio Sun Day night/Moon Day morning from mid night to 5AM CST. We take calls! Tune in to the Radio Redux Wodnes Day evenings from 6 – 7 PM CST.

90.1FM KKFI Kansas City
Streaming audio at www.kkfi.org
Call-in Number-(816)931-K(5)K(5)F(3)I(4)

The Next Step Radio Show is devoted to real solutions that real people can really achieve. Most Truth centered broadcasts will give you the real deal on what’s happening, but offer up solutions that dis-empower the individual, or feed you right back into the belly of the beast. The Next Step Radio Show examines those solutions that are within your power. To change the World, you must first start by changing your World.


First you have to hear the Truth, then you have to speak the Truth, the hardest part comes next, when you have to LIVE the Truth – and it is TRUE (pun intended) you will be set FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email – contact@gofindtheothers.com

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