*!!UpDate!!* – 09/25/2017 – The FreeThinker’s Guide To The Infinite (Until Proven Otherwise) Stationary Plane Of Existence

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Where are we?

That question has been ignored by most FreeThinkers, in my lifetime, whilst we pondered who, what, and why are we.

We’ve always been told we live on a spinning ball of water….

Not for a long while, did we consider that to be incorrect, nor dare suppose it was knowingly misrepresented!  There’s the old adage that not long can three things be hidden – the sun, the moon, and the truth.  For some divine principle keeps the human mind suspicious.  Strong wills and intuition inspired a few to wonder.
I mean doesn’t the Bible describe a Divine Terrarium of sorts?

Then came the machine world and the ability to spread information virally.  Lenses, scopes, and other instruments of higher observation became attainable by the masses, once reserved for the Elite.  Questions arose, and suspicions grew.  Common sense sometimes overrides indoctrination. 

“It seems to be a stationary realm”, said some. “Like a disc, probably”, observing the astral realm spinning above us.

But curiosity, technology, and wonderment continued to grow.  Observations weren’t perfectly lining up with new suppositions.
Where does this place end, then? 

Who said it had to ?
Is this plane infinite?

My oh my. 
Not sure. 
Now comes imagination mixed with observation, knowledge and hypothesis. 

“What if?”, then entered the realm.

Then someone added the other dimensions in a barely recognizable geometry.

  More “What if’s?”….

Then the introspective did what they always do – went inside for answers. 
Who says this realm is even “out there”?

Then stuff got really confused.

Who says it has a form?

Doesn’t form require an observer?

Well, there is only one place to turn now. 


We’re gonna sort this out or die (maybe gulag’d) trying.

This will be a series of reviews, on all of these ideas, and more, spanning all forms of media, for the foreseeable future.


We’ll start with some compilations I have made in audio format.  If you are new here, or a beginner, they’ll be wide ranging and informative.  If you’re an old pro, edutainment never hurt anyone. We’ll not definitively answer any questions, but lay out, in more detail, the possibilities.

I will, however, take Sherlock’s advice, and give you a hint, as to the first eliminated impossibility ….

Have a listen, come back next week, and lets see if we can’t find out Where We Are…..


#424 – Suicide CDXXIV – FE – 61m03s

#425 – Suicide CDXXV – Mystery Fish – 60m06s

#423 – Suicide CDXXIII – BioCentric – 60m24s

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