Episode 028 – The Next Step Radio Show – Thomas Malone Interview

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The Japan Disaster? WTF? The “news” reports vary from one extreme to the other. Hard to get a grip on reality. What is our aim or purpose here? Right, to go find the others. Thomas is an Others. He lives in Japan. Not too far from Sendai. Let’s chat him up to get an honest OBSERVATION from someone who lives there. Check out all of Thomas’ work at Grok-The-Talk.

His series with John Lamb Lash (Starting Here) is fascinating. Another broadcast that will blow your mind, if you are Philosophically-minded, with Rupert Spira. Actually, just devour the archives, at Grok-The-Talk, and you won’t be disappointed.

All the best —
to those who survive —
whatever takes the rest . . . .

6 comments for “Episode 028 – The Next Step Radio Show – Thomas Malone Interview

  1. zane
    April 2, 2011 at 7:36 AM

    Hi. Enjoyed the show, particularly the positive view. I do think it might be wise to mention though, that “radiation” is not exactly visible…and exposure is accumulative in its effects. While only 30 something people died with the Russian accident, now, it is said that between 800,000 and a million people have died throughout Europe since the accident due to radiation exposure. While things may seem relatively ‘OK’ now, I would expect to see an increasing problem with health in the future, due to this accident.

    • manapples
      April 2, 2011 at 12:23 PM

      Thanks for listening. Well stated.

      John Taylor Gatto, in his book, “Weapons of Mass Instruction”, relays a story of a school Maintenance crew who discovered, moved, broke, and spilled a 55-gallon drum of ‘liquid’ of unknown origins. As a precaution, the school brought in a Haz-Mat team, EPA-types, and a myriad of others agencies to find out what the liquid was. In the meantime, multiple staff members, and others close to the scene, were all rushed to the hospital with ACTUAL, REAL, signs and symptoms of toxicity. Many others through out the ordeal also reported getting sick from the spill. Finally, the lab results came back on what was in the barrel that spilled and made everyone so sick. Dihydrogen Monoxide – H2O – Water. The “Haz-Mat”-hype is what actually made everyone sick.

      I’m not saying that is the case in Japan, obviously a nuclear plant has suffered damage, and that has real consequences. I do think, however, that “They” know how to make situations worse, and the ‘Freak-Out’ Card, is being played ad-nausea.

      Tempering the reality of what is actually going on, and what could cumulatively happen down the road, while considering the worst case scenario, seems a balanced approach.

      I also found it odd, that in all the reports I saw about the whole situation, not ONE single report included a real person who lives in the vicinity, and REAL life people doing the tests. Not some agency, not some official, not some corporation – a real person with no agenda. A Geiger counter. On location. In real time.

      Things will definitely get nuttier World-Wide, and the more calm, balanced, and centered we stay, the easier it will go.

  2. PhilDeGrave
    April 3, 2011 at 12:27 PM

    Great show,thanks for helping to dissolve the shackles of fear. I’m Sharing and spreading this info as much as I can. I’m sure the whole situation will be all but forgotten about in a couple months. I’ve been thinking though that this might be some sort of psy-op to desensitize the public’s perceptions of radiation. Extreme fear, followed by relief, opens the door for the public’s acceptance of a preemptive nuclear strike somewhere in the middle east. Am I being paranoid again? sorry. 🙂

    • manapples
      April 3, 2011 at 3:08 PM

      Thanks for listening. I’m starting to think 95(+)% of EVERYTHING in the media is some sort of Psy-Op to build a society of schizophrenics, socio/psycho-paths, those too traumatized to care, and good little slaves that do as they are told while parroting the official version(s) of said prop-o-genda. Stay tuned, I’m going to do a series on Meta Research and tie up a lot of these events in a fashion I’ve seen no one attempt or said nowhere else. It isn’t paranoia if it’s true. :^)

  3. ttom
    April 3, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    Thomas and Jacob.. hey guys. How awesome this show is! Cant tell you how good it is to hear you guys tell it like it is and that people need to take charge, give up the savior crap. And the power of the few will need to prevail and some of us will have to pay the price… count me in. Soon time to quit the game and all you pointed to Jacob.
    Even some viewers tell me radiation is on its way to the west coast and I just cant see it from Japan, especially with your real news Thomas. And the crap has got to stop but it will be as it will be.

    Good stuff friends.

    • manapples
      April 4, 2011 at 2:44 AM

      Many thanks to you for taking the time.

      Now that We are all fully Aware of the Hegel Trick, We can stop Reacting to Their Problem(s). Not only that, wouldn’t it be fun to try one (Our own Hegel Trick) on Them? Let’s get Their Reaction, to Us withdrawing Our Support at the base of this Pyramid of Control. Let the Cap Stone Fall – like the Fallen Ones They are . . . .

      Say, for our Trick, lets pick a date where the Millions of Us who claim to Be Awake and Want Real Change, do it at the same time for Maximum Effect. Does December 21, 2012 sound like a good Date to you ? ? ? ? :^)


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