Sometimes It’s Better Left Alone ….

…. Suicides have always tried to condense the time and effort into the most salient and succinct possible bits. After a few attempts to surround this info with Awesome, I finally relized it was better left alone ….

FLAT EARTH ~ Which Came first Gravity or The Sphere

by The Morgile

A logical examination of “star” and “Planet” formation according to the heliocentric theory, juxtaposing the conundrum involved with the timeless riddle regarding chickens and eggs.


Video Notes:
-Giant Skeleton Vid…

00:08:28 The Globe is DEAD (Section 4) –…
00:08:35 The Globe is Dead Series Playlist –…
00:45:57 ~ Halley’s Comet Documentary
00:57:33 ~ GlobeBusters Channel
00:58:12 ~ End Screen

…. Or if you just want to listen ….

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