#65 – Suicide LXV – The Begining of The End

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Q: What do – – Ben Johnson from the Paragon Radio Show, the TV show Weeds, the band Primus, the spoken-word artist Taalam Acey, the band Flobots, CNN, The Power Hour radio show, comedian Adam Sandler, Hughes Aircraft Company, comedian Ali-G, asassinated radio host and author William Cooper, comedian Stephen Lynch, TV-head Glen Beck, comedian Bill Hicks, Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader, comedian Chris Rock, the band Depeche Mode, financial analyst Jim Rodgers, ONN, the Great Bob Marley, radio host and author Steven Quayle, the band Tool, and radio host and film maker Alex Jones – – all have in common?

A: (65) Suicide LXV – The Begining of the End.

This Suicide ran on KKFI on Sunday September 28th 2008.

2 comments for “#65 – Suicide LXV – The Begining of The End

  1. stirner max
    March 18, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    Can’t seem to access these old shows via drop-io. Any plans to stick ’em on the website in the format that you put up the newer programs?

    • manapples
      March 18, 2012 at 6:35 PM

      Absolutely. Drop.io went outta bizz. This is the one year anniversary of GFTO switch from Infowarts and very soon I will have the entire collection ready to go. Someone hacked and de-linked a bunch of my Next Step podcasts that I have to fix as well. Gotta a mini-vay-cay coming up real quick and that’s first on my list . . . . .

      Hang tight . . . .

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