#104 – Suicide CIV – When The Man Comes Around

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Question: What do MLK, George Bush, sick and wrong podcast.com, “5 Women” by Taalam Acey, Washingthon Redskins Cheerleader – Flushot Injured, “Just Say No” by Trillion, a Flushot Ingredients comedy skit, “When the Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash, Lord Christopher Monckton comments on Obama, Obama’s address to the United Nations on Climate Change, Iran fear-mongering media mix – NUKES, Scott Ritter comments on possible outcome with Iran War, News clip on slaves stealing rain water, “A Bugs Life” movie clip, “Wicked” by Korn, Old JFK Speech – new to The Suicides, New David Icke, MLK’s last speech – 12 hours before Assasination, Paragon Radio’s own Ben Johnson, More “A Bugs Life”!

Answer: Suicide CIV (104) – When The Man Comes Around

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