#106 – Suicide CVI – Hearts Break

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Q: What do the following all have in common?

– Ring announcer Michael Buffer
– Snoop Dogg
– “My Prison Life” by Taalam Acey
– Bill O’Reilly
– Fox News
– “Hearts Break” by Slaid Cleaves
– Alex Jones
– GCN Radio Network
– Barak Obama gives “Shout-out” before addressing Ft. Hood Shootings
– AP News clip on Ft. Hood shooting
– AP News Clip on Orlando shooting
– Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on O’Reilly Factor
– Clip from Showtime’s “Weeds”
– Keith Olberman
– Joe Rogan
– Congress Critter Michelle Bachmann on health care bill
– Congress Critter Todd Akin on health care bill
– Steve Moore from the Wall Street Journal comments on no 72 hour viewing of bill before voting on Greta Van Susteren
– Congress Critter Dennis Kucinich on Gaza and $ misappropriation
– “Dictator (A swinging song for Fascists)” by Fat and Frantic
– Congress Critter Nancy Pelosi
– Max Kieser
– “Reconciled to the Blues” by Michael Hurley
– Congress Critter Eric Massa on the Afghan “war”
– Matt Hoe Comments on resignation over Afghan “war”
– Paragon Radio’s own Ben Johnson
– Digital fun with Barak reading a passage from his book
– YouTube

A: Suicide # 106 – Hearts Break

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