#113 – Suicide CXIII – Lithium

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Clues to discovering the lost treasure of Suicide 113 – Lithium:

– Fox News clip about the recommendation of adding lithium to the water supply
– Clip from the movie “Office Space”
– Snoop Dogg
– “True Lies” by Taalam Acey
– CSPAN caller takes down XMas Tree because of Senate Healthcare Bill
– “Jambi” by Tool
– Judd Gregg says Healthcare bill is a scam
– if you oppose Obama’s policies, are you an extremist?
– Chris Matthews can’t be for real
– is Chris Dodd for real?
– Fox news clip about Goldman Sachs-of-hot-air
– Sarah Palin
– “Catch Hell Blues” by The White Stripes
– Gerald Celente keeping it real
– Git Yer YouTube on – type ‘City States’ in the search engine and go wild
– GW Bush says “Conspiracy Theories” really slow
– CNN clip about Army’s new secret weapon
– Bill Hicks wonders how the economy will do when the arms industry ‘implodes’
– Fox News can’t be for real
– Benny Hill – Clown Music
– YouTube Documentary about Afghan Soldiers
– ONN clip about ecofriendly war
– little bit of the very end of “War Made Easy” documentary
– Paragon Radio’s own two-time world champion – Ben Johnson
– JOE ROGAN “Jesus Guide My Bullets”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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