Got Redux?

It’s the Anniversary of You-Know-Who and You-Know-What!


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Link to download – (You will be redirected to another website) The-Radio-Redux-01-20-2010

If you haven’t got to listen to the Humble Paragon’s Wednesday version of Paragon Radio – It’s here! It’s called the Radio Redux, and it is broadcast on 90.1FM KKFI Kansas City ( on Wednesday nights from 6PM – 7PM CST.

If you are looking for The Paragon Radio Show and/or the Newest Suicide (#116 – Ordo Ab Chao) keep scrolling down; it’s all here!

I hereby solemnly swear to faithfully execute this office.

Thank you Satan.


The right-hand totally means I’m a rocker-prez, the left hand totally means I love all thing wicked.

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