#125 – Suicide CXXV – Vernal Equinox

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Did someone say (no)Health(they don’t)Care Reform? Maybe $$$ is the cure?

I get this weird feeling ‘they’ are not on our side.

My Representative on this issue.

Once you take your head out of your a$$, click on a link and learn something –

Bill and Dave’s Excellent Adventure
Wayword Radio
Taalam Acey – Self Evident
Jack Cafferty Rips Obama
Robert Gibbs is the most Insincere Person Alive
When You Use Totalitarian Tactics, People Act Crazy
F l I p F l O p
Civil War?
Juzzie Smith – Harmonica Jam
How much?
Stimulus, the Debtors Lament
Solar Storms I
Solar Storms II
Terence McKenna
Obama Wants YOUR DNA
So does Gordon Brown
Naomi Wolfe
Juzzie Smith – Indilia
Public Schools I
Public Schools II

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