The Radio Redux 03-03-2010

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Federal Land Grabs?
(no)Health(they don’t)Care Bill?
The Humble Paragon breaks it down real proper-like.

The Feds – Growing like mold

Let’s talk about the economy for a second:

Here’s a Hundy – (Happy Birthday)

Here’s 10 G’s – (Poor chap’s whole year)

Here’s a Milly in Hundies – (everyone’s wet dream?)

Here’s 100 Milly – (Jordan, Elway, Tiger, LeBron)

Here’s a Billy – (Can’t even spend it all, nowhere to hide it)

Here’s a Trilly – (no)Health(they don’t)Care Bill

This YEARS Debt – (Federal)

(special thanks to This Web Site)

You still believe this isn’t some kind of bottomless scam?


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