#128 – Suicide CXXVIII – Press Your Luck

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I, personally, have nothing against Kenya or Kenyans, but why would Michelle Soetoro . . .

. . . press her luck?

Mrs. Soetoro! Big Bucks, No Whammies!

Hopefully when you scream and slap The Button, you land on one of these links and not a Whammy:

Big Bucks, No Whammy
I’ve gotta ? about the word Suicide . . .
Taalam Acey – Living Come Alive
My Home Country IS NOT Kenya
Bottomline, don’t question me . . .
Sungha Jung – Pirates Of The Caribbean
Obama Foreign Policy Based On ‘Fantasy’
What is Unacceptable?
Polish Plane Crash – Not A Joke
Andy McKee – Drifting
Very Shakey
Liz Cheney
Karzai Has A Drug Problem?
Stephen Lynch – Priest
Terence McKenna Archives
Eldon Taylor on The Power Hour
Erik Mongrain – Air Tap
Onion News Network

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