#132 – Suicide CXXXII – Very Powerful Stuff, What More Do You Want?

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No bueno!

If you are beside yourself about the oil mess, click a link and degrease yourself:

Taalam Acey – Tree
New Orleans Mood Dims As Oil Spill Approaches
Giant Oil ‘Plumes’ Detected in Gulf of Mexico
Amateur Video Of Gulf Oil Slick – Worse Than BP Admits
Waylon Jennings – Stop The World ( And Let Me Off )
BP sticking with 5,000-barrels-per-day estimate for Gulf oil spill
A Way with Words – Like Death Eating a Cracker (full episode)
Faber: Greece Bailout Actually Bailout of European Banks
We are Change Ireland welcome Scumbag Rockefeller to Dublin
Barrasso: I Want To Hear From Kagan On Constitutionality Of Health Care Bill
Cable News Wonders: If A Judicial Nominee Plays Softball, Does That Make Her Gay?
Yuri Lane – Beat Box and Play Harmonica Simultaneously
Peter King: Holder Doesn’t Deserve To Be Attorney General
Axelrod: Obama Open To Loosening Miranda Rule
Holder Discusses ‘Extensive’ Use Of Exception To Miranda Rule
Dead and wounded in Bangkok
Prison Songs – Early In The Mornin’
Michael Tsarion – Control of Humanity
Austin Powers – Sharks with lasers
Laser Weapons
Ozark Mountain Dare Devils – Chicken Train

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