Episode 025 – The Next Step Radio Show – Vortex Based Math – Randy Powell Interview

This is the introduction Episode, in a series of Broadcasts, on Free Energy. There is a lot to learn, as well as, a lot to ignore. I wanted to start with the basics; the Math and Physics of Free Energy. Randy Powell and Marko Rodin are two of the leaders in this arena. Understanding the Principles of Free Energy, is vastly more important than a ready made Flying Disc, delivered to your door. This way the Concept and Conception are public-open-sourced and available-to-all, and we can take the Principles of Free Energy, and apply them to a wide variety of technologies. Truly build this Next Step from the ground up. Of, By, And For, The People. Additional research will need to be done by YOU – this is only the beginning. Visit Randy Powell’s website, get yo’ learn on, visit Marko Rodin’s website, and donate to their effort and encourage this kind of behavior. Spread this info to the Four Corners, and let Us free Ourselves, from Ourselves, by Loving Ourselves. We can do it. We have to.

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Videos Courtesy of YouTube
Diagrams Courtesy of Marko Rodin

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