#131 – Suicide CXXXI – The Joker’s Wild

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Had to do it. He made me.

When ever you’re done laughing, click any of the following links to get your clown on :

Taalam Acey – Who Made This World
Johnny Mercer – Accentuate The Positive
Michelle Soetoro says, for the second time, publicly, that Barry ain’t from around here
Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty TV ad “We Know Who You Are”
Ron Paul: We’ll have ‘riots in the streets’ like Greece because the U.S. dollar is ‘counterfeit’
Goldman Exec: It’s Unfortunate To Have $h!tty Deal “On E-Mail”
Wall St. protests explode
Michael Savage – Government Gang is Set Up to Take Down America – (May 3, 2010)
MIA – Born Free
(non)Bomb scare in New York City
US mulls new ‘terror’ laws
Fox News Anchor: Should We Pick Out Pakistanis In U.S. And See ‘What They Are Up To?’
Hannity’s ‘little idea’: ‘The Iraqis … need to pay us back for their liberation. Every single solitary penny’
Lieberman On Revoking Terrorists’ Citizenship: ‘American Citizenship Is A Privilege, Not A Right’
George Carlin – YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS
The Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by drilling contractor Transocean
Steven Seagal’s Ending Speech from “On Deadly Ground”
Government Admits they Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot
How Many Chickens

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