#304 – Suicide CCCIV – Come Back Forward


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This week’s Suicide was broadcast live, on 90.1FM KKFI Kansas City, during the Paragon Radio show at 3AM, Monday the 10th of March, in the year 2014. Here is a list of the essential ingredients. For the MSM ‘filler’, you’re welcome to find it on your own, if it doesn’t find you first.

A Tour of Kansas City

Taalam Acey – Come Back Forward

The Wages Of Paranoia – Can Fallout Shelters Save Us? – 1961

The White Stripes – Catch Hell Blues

Obama Proposes $4 Trillion Piece Of Empty Rhetoric

Gun Control Works

Ice Cube – Man’s Best Friend

The Presidents of the USA – More Bad Times

New Marijuana Study Confirms Everyone Knows You’re High And You Will Be Stoned Forever

Eligh – Chronic

Nappy Roots – Good day

Da Vinci’s Notebook – Another Irish Drinking Song

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