Episode 036 – The Next Step Radio Show – Vyzygoth Raw


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Vyz’s Newest Incarnation – www.vyzygothraw.com

Vyz’s Collections – www.vyzygothraw.com/collections

Vyz’s Past Incarnations – The Grassy Knoll Archives

‘The Informer’ Texts

One Of, If Not The Best, Websites Around – Think Or Be Eaten




A few of the many proofs that this isn’t “”your” country –

Title 50 USC Chapter 13
Proclamation 2039
Emergency Powers Statutes
The Confiscation Act Of 1861
The Lieber Code Of 1863
Title 12

9-11-01 InfoNugget –

The bit on the debris feilds in The Sylvania Of Penn

And the teaser for Part 02 with Vyzygoth –

The Russian Naval Fleets and the American Civil War ? ? ? ?

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