IX-XI – We Weren’t Supposed To Forget….

Here is the motherload of all of my 9-11 “stuff”.  Newest revealations at the bottom of the post, so get yer scroll on!!

9-11 Was An Inside-Out Job

…. So Here Are Some Reminders ….
WTCSUN#100 – Suicide C – 9-11, Before The Spin Set In

powder# 148 – Suicide CXLVIII – The Next Day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#184 – Suicide CLXXXIV – September 11th 2001 – All Conspiracy, No Theory

wheredidthetowersgoDr. Judy Wood

18ggAlso, did you forget about someone very special’s BirthDay???

Now, back to New York.  Are you familiar with Atmospheric Electricity Masts? Check out this playlist for the rest of the story, as to why, and what Dr. Judy Wood missed, in her analysis:

This following video is in the playlist, but definitely deserves a singular post, in case one doesn’t poke thru the whole list.  I always prefer to save the best for last.  Regardless of 9-11, how the towers came down, or one’s proficiency in Atmospheric Electricity – ask your self WTF?, concerning the new FreeDumb Tower, and what that is on top….

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