Episode 037 – The Next Step Radio Show – Nathan Fraser

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In Episode 037, of The Next Step Radio Show, we are joined by Nathan Fraser of Live Free FM. The main thrust of this Episode is Anarchy or Volunteerism, the name is less important than the understanding that our mindset comes before solutions can be implemented. What is the state? Can we really exist without it? Fun stuff like that.

If you are a recent listener to all things ‘Go Find The Others’, check out the three other shows Nathan and I did last year.


Check out Nathan’s Radio Show, download and share his book “As King: A Simple Guide to Autonomous Living”, or throw him some scratch so his work and ideas spread . . . .

3 comments for “Episode 037 – The Next Step Radio Show – Nathan Fraser

  1. May 17, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Please do me a favor and update your link to the Sandman Project to http://siozenh4x0r.webs.com. Also we have a great broadcast that we’d love for you to embed on your site. Please check it out on the home page. Love, respect, honor, gratitude. Compassion in all things.

    Spread the word. We need to get this data out while we can.

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